Your new home

Our support for your housing in Berlin


We select the prospective districts based on the information in your profile. We then make a preliminary selection of residential properties (for purchase or renting) and present the relevant exposés to you.

On request

Check your flat

We visit the properties on your pre-selection list and gain a first-hand impression of them. Photographs can be deceiving – and that’s why we check out things with our own eyes. This saves time both for you and for us.

90,- Euro (inkl. Ust.) each visit

Meet your flat

We coordinate appointments between you and the owners, brokers or managers for your personal viewing and accompany you on the scheduled visiting dates.

120,- Euro (ink. Ust.) each visit

Around Berlin

Would you like to get to know Berlin? Would you like to explore the city on your own terms and according to your own personal interests? We’ll take a tour of the capital with you, complete with a chauffeur, a limousine and a relocation counsellor.

290,- Euro (inkl. Ust.) 3 hours

Rent your flat

We support you with signing contracts, the preparation of a hand-over protocol and registration with utility companies and telecommunications providers.

On request

Buy your flat

We support you with the signing of contracts, appointments with notaries and banks, the preparation of a hand-over protocol and the registration with utility companies and telecommunications providers.

On request

Discover your „kiez“

We give you an overview of the most important locations around your new home such as shopping facilities, sport and leisure-time amenities and transport links.

90,- Euro (inkl. Ust.)

YOUR Buddy

Exploring a new city not only creates many new impressions but also raises a number of questions. Do you need comprehensive support? We are available to assist you by telephone around the clock.

On request

Rebuild your home

Would you like to make changes to your new home? We support you with all necessary renovations and help you establish contact with interior designers, craftsmen and other service providers.

50,- Euro (inkl. Ust.) each connection

Leave your home

Sometimes all good things must come to an end. When you leave Berlin, we take care of the termination of your rental agreement, the cancellation of all contracts and organise the hand-over of the property.

On request

Transport your life

Regardless if you are looking for an entire house or a 1-room apartment: we organise your relocation. This includes the collection of offers, the comparison of services and the referral of suitable service providers

On request

Other service packages