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Our office in Berlin

Our office with a direct hotel connection
Our office in Wilmersdorf is not only situated in a beautiful and easy-to-reach location but also offers a special service to our relocation customers.

The Ibis hotel is located at a distance of approximately 1 km from our office and they are our partner. What this means for our customers is that they can relax and enjoy the perfect combination of staying at a hotel and being able to quickly and easily participate in meetings at our office. Short distances ensure greater effectiveness.

Elena Ferrari - Chief Executive at YOUR BERLIN

Berlin is constantly in motion. When I first came to the city, Potsdamer Platz and large parts of the Mitte district were construction sites with deep craters and a great many cranes. Now this new Berlin has largely been completed and it has established itself. But the transformation of the city is still ongoing. The economy is booming and new start-ups are springing up at a very high rate. The city continues to develop and you can always discover something new. I wish to welcome your new employees to Berlin and communicate and share my 20 years of experience in the city with them.

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Elena Ferrari - experience that counts

15 years of experience in tourism

Thanks to my work as a manager in the tourism industry, I have a lot of experience in dealing with different cultures, languages, and people. I know what changing situations entail and the needs of people in such situations.

20 years of Berlin

I have lived in Berlin for over 20 years. I am intimately familiar with the city in all its facets, quirks, and extravaganzas.
I came here as a stranger and know the effect of the city on newcomers to Berlin.

4 foreign languages

Language is the basis for every form of communication. I was always fascinated by the process of learning a new language.
I am Italian by birth and I speak Italian, English, French, and German

1 son

As the mother of an almost grown-up son, I am quite familiar with the challenges of raising a child in a foreign city,
starting from looking for a day-care facility all the way to choosing the right school.

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