Enjoy your leisure time

Our service for art and culture in Berlin

Enjoy your spare time

Berlin offers a large range of cultural activities. We inform you about the local offers of museums, theatres and concert venues and show you the multi-faceted culture of the capital.

90,- Euro (incl. VAT)

Sporty Spice

For many people, sport is an essential part of everyday life. We inform you about the available sport-related opportunities in the city. From squash, to tennis, all the way to fitness clubs and parks. In addition, we support you with the admission to clubs and associations.

90,- Euro (incl. VAT)

„Ich bin ein Berliner“

Many find Berlin to be a very peculiar city and see “Berliners” as people who take some getting used to. We will gladly share our experiences in dealing with Berliners and life in the capital in a series of entertaining conversations.

90,- Euro (incl. VAT)

Home Cinema

Cinephiles are often interested in watching films with their original soundtracks. For expats, the ability to enjoy films voiced in their own native language is not only a cultural event but also a way to get a little glimpse of their home country. We show you the right cinemas in the city.

49,- Euro (incl. VAT)

Meet your culture

Getting to know people from your own culture in a new city supports the integration process and enables the exchange of experiences. We show you the places and institutions where expats can meet and get to know each other.

69,- Euro (incl. VAT)

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