Relocation - far more than formalities

Integration means feeling at home

YOUR BERLIN Relocation - Life in all its different facets

Our life is shaped by our culture. Every country has unique cultural characteristics: its own language, its unique history, its specific customs and traditions, or simply just its special way of seeing the world.

Furthermore, work and life in an urban metropolis can take many different shapes and forms – from stylish lofts, to the dignified ambiance of historical buildings, all the way to houses on the edge of the city. We are familiar with the cultural differences thanks to our extended stays abroad and know the city of Berlin in all its variety.

Understanding the language at all levels – this is the basis for successful advice and integration.

Competence and service

YOUR BERLIN - your relocation partner

Chauffeur Service

We organise your transport from the airport, railway station or hotel. You can opt for a comfortable limousine for you or even get a minibus for your family. Travel comfortably and arrive safely at your destination.

International experience

Each country has its own specific culture. Thanks to our many years of experience abroad, we are familiar with other cultures and know the differences. That is why we understand the needs of our clients – sometimes even before they have formulated them.

Family experience

Families have special requirements after relocation. The school integration of the children brings its own set of challenges, especially with children raised in a multilingual environment. We are familiar with these challenges based on our own personal experience – the perspective of the mother is absolutely indispensable here.

Modularly designed services

Relocation requirements are highly individual and determined by the specific personal context. We offer you a range of modularly designed services that can be individually combined with each other. You only pay for the services that you need.


Executives and managerial employees often have specific requirements and expectations. We are able to live up to those thanks to our many years of experience in managing a large international company.

A strong network

A complex service requires a variety of skills. To provide special services in the scope of the relocation process, we work with experienced partners who are both experts in their professional areas and able to speak the required language.

Experience in healthcare

Thanks to our many years of experience in the management of doctor’s practices, we are familiar with the structures and working methods of doctors, health insurance funds and other medical service providers.

Support around the clock

Relocation is a demanding project. We stand by your side throughout the process and, if you wish, you can even contact us outside normal business hours. Your contact partner is familiar with your project and will always support you with advice and assistance.

Cloud-based information

Our modern service and information management is made possible by a centralised data administration system that is accessible around the clock. Our web-based customer portal offers access to all information –accessible online at all times.

Knowledge of a culture creates trust

Living and working in other cultures requires a lot of willingness to embrace change and get used to different social customs. It develops the ability to quickly adjust to interacting with foreign people. Openness, empathy and curiosity are key aspects for every form of integration.

Cosmopolitan thinking and cultural openness form the basis of our work with your new employees.

Our experience acquired abroad

The right module for any requirement

As individual as your new employees - YOUR SERVICES

Relocation requirements are highly individual and determined by the specific personal context, i.e. by whether the relocating persons are single after completing their studies, whether they are a family with children or e.g. a senior manager with a foreign domicile. To ensure that you can get off to a flying start in the new city, we offer you a range of modularly designed services that can be individually combined with each other. You only choose the services that you need. This affords greater efficiency and has a positive effect on your budget.

Your personalised service package is the basis for our successful collaboration.

Our services overview


  • Enter Germany
  • Enter Berlin
  • Health and medical
  • Insurance Backup
  • Lawyers & Co.


  • Pre-Selection
  • Checkup-pre-selection
  • Meet your flat
  • Around Berlin
  • Rent your flat
  • Buy your flat
  • Discover your kiez
  • YOUR Buddy
  • Rebuild your home
  • Leave your home
  • Transport your life


  • Enjoy your spare time
  • Sporty Spice
  • “Ich bin ein Berliner”
  • Home Cinema
  • Meet your culture


  • German – YOUR language